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Työntekijöistä sanoo, että tämä on kokonaisuudessaan todella hyvä työpaikka.

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Nordcloud is a European leader in cloud implementation, application development, managed services and training. It’s a recognised cloud-native pioneer with a proven track record helping organisations leverage public cloud in a way that balances quick wins, immediate savings and sustainable value. Nordcloud is triple-certified across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform – and is featured as the leading cloud native vendor in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. IBM announced its acquisition of Nordcloud on December 21, 2020. From strategy planning to application management: we take our customers through the whole journey to drive tangible business outcomes from cloud technology.




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69 % Nordcloudin työntekijöistä sanoo yrityksen olevan kokonaisuudessaan todella hyvä työpaikka. Tyypillisessä suomalaisessa yrityksessä vastaava luku on 38 %.

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91 %

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"Working equipment, support for educating your self (money and time), snack benefits, Monday breakfasts and Friday pizzas shows that company values its employees on the same time when focus is on growing the company."

"People are trusted to do their job in the best possible way without micro managing despite where they work from. Teams across the country boarders works smoothly together and there's no country based incentives for example to prevent that. Help is always available should you need it. Managers are easy to approach to and they do listen and really try to help out."

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