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Työntekijöistä sanoo, että tämä on kokonaisuudessaan todella hyvä työpaikka.

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We aim to give you gaming experiences you simply won’t forget – filled with fabulous characters, rich animations, and beautiful graphics. And we always focus on friends, bringing you social and multiplayer games you want to keep playing. We believe that small, highly motivated, and experienced teams can accomplish extraordinary things. We bring years of experience to the table, with a crew of top players in game development, software engineering and graphic design. We are based right in the heart of downtown Helsinki, Finland.




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99 % Small Giant Gamesin työntekijöistä sanoo yrityksen olevan kokonaisuudessaan todella hyvä työpaikka. Tyypillisessä suomalaisessa yrityksessä vastaava luku on 38 %.

Lähde: Suomalaisen työelämän tila -tutkimus 2022 & Great Place to Work Trust Index -henkilöstötutkimus 2021-2022.


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Työntekijöiden kommentteja

"The team spirit, everyone is an awesome individual. Everyone is given as much responsibilities as they want to take on and are given a chance to grow in their profession in a direction they themselves see the best. Most of the time working here doesn't feel like a job, it's more like group of friends working towards a common goal they all share. I can always trust every person I work with to give their best on any tasks they are working on."

"This company truly has managed to hire excellent people. We also hire a lot of people that are just starting their careers and they stay for us years and grow in their roles. People get to take responsibility right from the start and they are trusted with their work. People are very talented and efficient. Everyone is appreciated no matter their role and people are very helpful. We highly value employees free time and make sure that work is done during work time and then people have time to spent their free time. We have awesome parties and daily life here feels nice."

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